Target Problem Areas Like Never Before

J.M. Group is the leading exclusive distributor of unique products manufactured by Skinrex (South Korea) in the Americas. We always strive to look for new products, not imitations, which will open up a new market for the beauty industry, so that everyone in this industry and all the customers can benefit from our products.

Introducing.. The Cavi-Lipo GT Ultrasonic Body Shaping System! It features a patented hand piece, which can treat every part of the body including the face, chin, and neck area. By using a dispersed form of ultrasound technology, Cavi-Lipo GT’s hand piece has the largest coverage area during the treatment. Cavi-Lipo GT also has a LED light therapy function which significantly improves the results. This unique system distributed by J.M. Group is quickly becoming the top choice among business owners and their customers.